Global TéCNICA offers a global solution for all the services in your building. We design, manage and maintain your building services.
Why us

When you engage Global TéCNICA you´ll be able to count on the services of a team of skilled professionals able to offer a range of solutions in the field of building services engineering, with a high degree of specialisation in each of the different services involved in your building project.
We´ll become part of your team, and we´ll make your project our own.
You´ll be proud of the final result of the building services in your project.
We´ll also support you throughout the construction process, and provide engineers specialised in each service, who´ll be on hand to offer their expertise until the building is fully operational.
You can count on us to provide all the technical consultancy resources required by your building.
Our solid experience in designing, managing, monitoring, improving and commissioning services in a wide range of building types since 2002 allows us to offer the guaranteed success you demand.
When you engage us you can rest assured, because we´ll take care of everything.
With Global TéCNICA, success is guaranteed.

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